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1. What services do the Public Works Department provide?
2. Where is your facility located?
3. What facilities does the Public Works Department include?
4. How do I get trash pick-up started at my residence?
5. How do I get trash pick-up started at my place of business?
6. Why do I have to pay a $75 per container set-up fee if there is already a City of Goodlettsville trash receptacle at my residence?
7. What are the current sanitation fees?
8. I put my container out this morning, but it was not emptied. What do I do?
9. When is garbage collected?
10. My container has been damaged. What do I do?
11. Whom do I contact about having limbs and brush chipped?
12. A professional tree trimming company has worked in my yard. What do I do with the yard waste?
13. What do I do with items I can recycle?
14. How do I get bulk items picked up?
15. Whom do I call to dispose of a dead animal?
16. How do I contact animal control?