Why has a stormwater utility fee been implemented?

Federal and state regulations require the City of Goodlettsville to address the amount and pollution carried by the runoff that is deposited into the local creeks and streams.  This runoff is untreated and water quality management programs the City has in place are responses to regulations from the US EPA and TDEC that are directly connected to the Clean Water Act.  These regulations require the city to obtain a permit under the National Pollution Discharge Elimination System (NPDES) and to create a comprehensive program to seek out and eliminate, to the maximum extent practical, pollutants carried by stormwater runoff.

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1. What is the stormwater drainage system and why is there a fee?
2. Why has a stormwater utility fee been implemented?
3. Where does our money go for stormwater projects?
4. How often is the stormwater user fee/charge updated?
5. If I disagree with the amount I am being charged, what do I do?
6. I am renting an apartment or house. Do I have to pay this charge?
7. What are things that should never enter a storm drain? Examples include but are not limited to:
8. What things can enter a storm drain?
9. Why is stormwater a problem?
10. What is the City's responsibility for stormwater?
11. Why is this a stormwater fee and not a property tax increase?
12. I have a detention pond on my property. Will the utility be responsible for the maintenance of the pond?
13. Are stormwater and sewer systems the same thing?
14. What is watershed?
15. Why is it important to protect a watershed?