Who do I email with ideas or suggestions that I may have?

Ideas and suggestions on how Goodlettsville Parks and Rec can improve are always welcome. Please email goodlettsvilleparks@goodlettsville.gov.  You can also use our online form for ideas and suggestions.

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1. How do I make a shelter reservation?
2. What is the fee to rent a shelter?
3. How do I know if athletic fields are open or closed?
4. How do I report a maintenance concern?
5. When do athletic leagues do registration?
6. Who do I email with ideas or suggestions that I may have?
7. When are the parks open?
8. When is the gym available for open play?
9. What do shelters and facilities look like?
10. I want to have an event at a park. Do I need a permit and is there a fee?
11. How do I get my deposit back?
12. May we bring our own grill to the park?
13. Do pavilions have electricity?
14. How many people will each pavilion hold?
15. Do pavilions have water access?
16. May I have an inflatable at my pavilion rental?
17. Are tables and chairs provided with my room rental?
18. Where is Goodlettsville Parks and Rec located?
19. How can I be informed of Goodlettsville Parks and Rec events and programs?
20. How many parks does Goodlettsville have?
21. I want to conduct a class. How do I get started?
22. Do you have a lost and found?
23. How do I find out if you are hiring?
24. How do I register for a program?
25. How do I withdraw from a program and request a refund?
26. Can I walk my dog on the trail?
27. What is the leash policy within parks?
28. Is there anywhere that I can't take my pet?
29. How can I reserve a field?
30. How long is the trail in Moss-Wright Park?
31. Are bikes and strollers allowed on the trails?
32. I own a business and want to sponsor an event. How do I do that?
33. How do I sponsor or donate to a project?
34. How do I volunteer?
35. I have a group that wants to do a project. What do we need to do to get approved?
36. I would like to do an Eagle Scout Project. Who do I talk to?
37. When does the pool open and what is the schedule?
38. How do I buy a pool pass?
39. Are there discounts for groups for Pleasant Green Pool?
40. Can I rent the pool for private functions?
41. Do you have swim lessons?
42. Can I bring my own food and drink to the pool or do I have to buy from the concession stand?
43. Do you have a swim team for kids?
44. Am I allowed to fly a drone in a park?
45. May I hunt in the parks?