City Manager

Welcome to the City of Goodlettsville

On behalf of the Board of Commissioners and our City staff, I want to welcome you to the City of Goodlettsville's website.

If you are a new resident, business or property owner, we would like to acquaint you with our City services. On this website, we are providing you a list of key City services and a phone list for how you can access them. I urge you to keep these materials handy for future reference so that you can quickly access your City for services as you need them in the future.

Goodlettsville is a full-service city government. We directly provide police and fire protection, waste water and stormwater utilities, streets and highways, parks, recreation and tourism, land use planning, and building and property codes enforcement, as well as solid waste collection and curbside recycling.

Tim Ellis

We are a community that has committed itself to an extraordinary quality of life, and each staff member takes great pride in providing a high level of service to its citizenry. It is our goal to provide these services in the most efficient, cost effective manner possible. This is accomplished through a variety of means, such as, managed competition, lean government practices, six sigma tools and strategies and simply seeking input from all of our stakeholders.

While we offer many forms of information on the website, I would encourage you to subscribe to our "Notify Me" (email notifications) option, so that you may receive notification of press releases, general city news, and upcoming board meeting agendas.

The City of Goodlettsville Board of Commissioner meetings are typically scheduled on the second Thursday of the month, though you can get more specific information about our meeting calendar on the City's website.

Goodlettsville is a place where the sense of history is rich and community pride is evident. We hope, now that you are officially a part of Goodlettsville, that you will not only feel that community pride, but will also come to fully appreciate the value of being part of our City.

Tim Ellis, City Manager

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