Murals and Art Around Town

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The newest mural in the City of Goodlettsville, completed in April 2023, is the 20' x 20' Blame It All On My Roots mural on the west exterior wall of the Visitors Center located at 705 Caldwell Drive.  This photo worthy mural depicts history and landscape of Goodlettsville which includes historic sites, Little League World Series, Goodlettsville residents who are members of the Grand Ole Opry and/or Country Music Hall of Fame, the beautiful landscape, and Music City in the distance.

The GOOD LETTS VILLE mural located on the East Avenue side of Rust and Ruffles Boutique with the storefront at 136 South Main Street depicts many historic landmarks and events within each letter of the city's name.

Utility Box Art 

The City of Goodlettsville began the Utility Box Art Program in January 2023 with a call for local artists to transform eleven (11) utility boxes into visually appealing, placemaking landmarks throughout the community.  Designs for the first round were to relate to the culture, history, and/or the landscape of Goodlettsville.

Artists of any age were encouraged to apply over a period of a few weeks as long as they were a resident of Goodlettsville, employed in Goodlettsville, or currently attended school in Goodlettsville.  A group of Goodlettsville staff with the help of local students reviewed all the designs and selected eleven (11) designs and three (3) alternative designs.  The designs were then sent for review and a mock up for a visually appealing layout on the boxes before being printed on vinyl.  The installation process brought the visuals to life.

The first utility box was wrapped on May 23 and within three (3) days, we had eleven (11) wrapped utility boxes.

Utility Box Locations:

105 S. Main Street

150 Long Hollow Pike

Long Hollow Pike under Interstate 65 next to the on ramp to I-65 South

985 Conference Drive

908 Conference Drive

846 Conference Drive

808 Conference Drive

100 Mission Ridge

307 Long Hollow Pike

405 Long Hollow Pike

Long Hollow Pike at Loretta Drive Intersection

The City of Goodlettsville embarked on this place-making endeavor not only to create visually appealing landmarks but to also celebrate and involve local artists in contributing to the beautification of the city.