Welcome to the Criminal Investigation Division

This division is responsible for all investigative functions of the Goodlettsville Police Department and is comprised of 5 full time detectives. These detectives are specially trained in investigative services to include death investigations, crime scene processing, and interview and interrogation. Our detectives are on call 24 hours a day/7 days a week for any major crime that occurs in our City. This division is under the direct supervision of Commander Audra Cherry. After a crime is reported to the Goodlettsville Police Department, the initial report will be forwarded to the Criminal Investigation Division and assigned to a detective if the Patrol Division does not complete the follow-up investigation.

Criminal Investigation Division Detective Contacts

Commander Audra Cherry
(615) 851-2243

Lieutenant Brian Matthews
(615) 851-2229
Email Brian Matthews

Detective Stephen Hodges
(615) 851-2219
Email Stephen Hodges

Detective Donald Smyth
(615) 851-2240
Email Donald Smyth

Detective Tommy Eisenbraun
(615) 851-3752
Email Tommy Eisenbraun

Detective Jeff Hunter
(615) 851-2210
Email Jeff Hunter

Reporting Crimes or Suspicious Activities

Phone: (615) 851-5111
Fax: (615) 851-3751

If you have information about criminal activity or have drug related tips, call the Goodlettsville Police Department's Tip Line at (615) 851-2259. You may remain anonymous when calling this line.

You may also fill out the Intelligence/Complaint Form at the link provided at the left of this page. As always, if you have an Emergency, call 911.