Thrive Fitness

Moss-Wright Park has a fitness area located near the trail head.  Enter the park from the main entrance, turn right, and you will find it past Mansker's Fort.  This fitness station was installed in 2018 and is called THRIVE® Outdoor Fitness.  

This is THRIVE® 

Functional fitness prepares the body for real life activities by training your muscles to work together across a variety of planes and movements. THRIVE honors this functional movement with exercise stations designed to strengthen your muscles, as well as the synergistic stability and helper groups that together make us move more efficiently. This is functional fitness the way it was meant to be. This is real function for real people for the whole body and mind.

New to Fitness?

Download the THRIVE® Workout Guide here. Inside this guide you will find workouts for beginner, intermediate and advanced users for use with THRIVE®. 

Find more details here.

See a video on how to use THRIVE® Outdoor Fitness.