Private Outdoor Fee-Based Activities

Because the staff of Goodlettsville Parks and Recreation cannot conduct all of the activities people are interested in, we have created opportunities for individuals and businesses to conduct activities in Goodlettsville parks through a POFA Permit.

Private Outdoor Fee-Based Activity (POFA) is defined as a class, clinic, camp, guided activity, program or related service organized and offered by a Permittee for which a payment, fee, or other consideration is expected to be made to the Permittee.  POFA is by invitation-only or open to the general public.  POFA must be generally recreational in nature or be a common and customary park use.  

POFAs occur in general greenspace and trails. Camps and clinics that occur on athletic fields do not qualify for this permit.

POFA Policy Information (PDF)

Permit Application

Permit Fees
Participant Number and Cost
Participant Number and Cost

1-5 participants
6+ participants
6 Month Term of Agreement